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 – Automatic Trading Platform, define system will do automatic buy and sale of Security (Equity,F&O,MCX).

 – Automatic Trading – No Manual Intervene required.

 – No, if we are closing any position manually than it become semi-aumomatice trading platform.

 – Minimum Requirement Stock Cash (50K), BN Future (70K – 1 Lot), Nifty Future (70K – 1 Lot), Option Buying (50K), Option Salling (Depend upon Margin), MCX (150K).

 – Depend upon market senerio (as per past performance we have given minimum 10-25% ROI on monthly basis).

 – Stock Cash (3K-5K), BN Future (10-15K), Option (Max 10K), MCX (Max 10K)

 – Trading in stock market is subject to market risk – but strong Risk Management mechanism will protect your capital.

 – For one segment not more than 4 trade per day.

 – Yes curretly Alice Blue account is manadatory, in futre we will do partnering with other broker also.

 – Yes you can withdraw yur fund anytime but please give one intimation regarding withdrawal.

 – Subscribe our service and than login to our web-based portal (ID Passward will be shared by Algology Team).

 – Free trial life time Paper Trading, no free trail on live market.

 – Not required, web based algo platform.